Our Service

1. Responsible for analyzing and understanding the needs of customers, combining the selection and application of the company's products to guide customers, assisting sales in achieving cooperation;
2. Responsible for the pre-sales support for the company's projects, organizing the project landing, helping customers to plan the implementation route, and providing targeted proposals;
3. Responsible for communication with customers in the early stage, product introduction, drafting of project bids, and presentation of bids;
5. Responsible for collecting customer needs, sorting out the common needs of the industry, and synchronizing market information;
7. Maintain good communication and cooperation with sales, R&D, product and other departments; coordinate team to achieve revenue and other long-term goals;
8, competitor's information collection and analysis, in-depth understanding of the opponent's market, products and programs, writing related reports and market competition strategies;
9. Provide regular analysis reports on industries, markets, user needs, etc. to provide suggestions for the company's market direction, market cooperation, product research and development, etc.