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Household hand-push sweeper using Raiders

The cleaning and collection are completed at the same time, the work efficiency is very high, the performance is good, the operation is very simple, and the daily maintenance and the maintenance are also very convenient, It is a household hand-push sweeper.

Lightly moving, happy and healthy, fully ergonomic design, greatly reduce the burden on the hands, waist muscles, will not cause fatigue and physical injuries, easy to master, let you Meimai to do housework, fast and comfortable, more Health is intimate, the whole family's cleaning will be done. It has the functions of cleaning, vacuuming, and absorbing water. It saves time and time, and is quick and safe.

Household hand-push sweeper is a good helper at home, and one of lazy people's essential household items: it can save time and effort, at the same time, make the home without dead ends. Household hand-push sweepers use the Raiders, a hand-pick sweeper instead of your home's broom and trash shovel, it is worth having.