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Lazy hands sweep sweeper function and features

Among modern urban households, wooden flooring, ceramic tiles and other decorative materials are laid on the floor of the home. Many housewives find it difficult to clean and sanitize. So there are rubbish dumps in many places in the home, and our trash is generally discarded. The more sweeping in the traditional sense is actually mopping up the ground and cleaning it with a mop. With the development of science and technology, many couples after 80 years now choose to buy lazy hands to sweep the machine to "slave." Lazy hands push the sweeper to inhale the dust and trash into the dust box. After the sweep, it will be even more perfect if you drag it again. Next we introduce the characteristics of a lazy hand sweeper.

ABS environmental protection resin handle, according to ergonomic design, very fit hand grip, environmental protection resin material is soft, slightly textured, feel good; aluminum alloy material, the surface is smooth, durable, the pipe is removable, free to adjust to Suitable for their own length; 270° full-automatic swivel sweeper, adjustable height, available for the whole family; fully enclosed rubbish bin, automatic storage of rubbish during cleaning, no ash during cleaning, alternating use of sweeping mop After the mop is removed and the switch is pressed, the bottom wheel is pushed out, so that only the floor can be swept without mopping; the natural bristle of high quality, tenacity and non-deformation, medium hardness and softness, better cleaning of the ground, without damaging the floor tiles; using South Korea Microfiber cloth , Super absorbent vacuum, at the same time with antibacterial effect, the density is twice the normal mop.

There is a lazy hand sweeping machine sweeping machine at home, easy to dust, and no electricity, hand push, and clean, do not bend their own use of a good.