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Lazy people push sweeper to solve cleaning problems

Help you solve six sweeping problems
1, difficult ground handling
2, pet hair stick people
3, under the sofa can not scan
4, vacuum cleaner too much noise
5, placement, cleaning inconvenient
6, secondary pollution is hazardous

* Sweeping head that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to easily clean the furniture around.
* It can be safely used on tiles, wooden floors, and carpets without worrying about damage.
* Sweeping heads with extensions can sweep into hard-to-reach corners.
* Can be disassembled and hung, very easy to collect.
* Help you calmly complete cleaning tasks.
* One-handed operation.
* You can use it anywhere without the power cord.
* Very light, only 0.9 kg.
* The handle can be extended.
* The garbage box can be easily removed and cleaned quickly and easily.

* Made of high-strength materials, it can be more durable.