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Multifunctional Push Sweeper Broom Features Did You Know

One, sweeping machine sound
The sweeping machine is pushed by hand, there is no motor, so it will not produce noise, just use the middle wheel to scroll the sound, so it will not be very big

Second, the sweeping machine mainly sweep what garbage, whether all the garbage can sweep?
Sweepers are mainly for hair, peanuts, shells, cigarettes, rice, and other light-size trash, and can be cleaned, not all garbage can be swept, too large volume of garbage, can not go into the cleaning mouth. At the same time, the effect of handling fine dust is worse than vacuum cleaners. After all, it is not a specialized vacuum cleaner. The upgraded version handles dust better than the regular version.

Third, sweeping machine will scratch the floor
The bottom is a roller and a natural plastic brush. The material is soft and won't scratch the floor. If the floor is dirty, there may be traces of the roller passing through. It can be wiped clean with a mop, not a scratch on the floor.

Fourth, the advantages of sweeping machine

No stooping, no electricity, you can sweep the garbage into the internal dustbin. The closed sweeper does not fly dust. It is suitable for floor, tile, marble and other floors. The carpet is not available and uneven floor is not available.