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What does Hand Operated Sweeper do?

1. Simple and convenient to use: The garbage can be easily recycled into the dust box by walking, and it is not necessary to bend over, and the elderly and children can use it.
2, no need to drive: pure mechanical transmission. No need for batteries, wires, diesel, gasoline and other power sources.
3, labor saving and efficient, cleaning and collection at the same time, sweeping efficiency is much higher than artificial.
4, durable, the whole machine is made of engineering plastics, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and not easy to deform.
5, convenient storage and transportation - portable handles for easy handling, upright storage saves space, maintenance is simple and convenient, the body can be washed with water to clean. .
6, one thing dual-use, the gift of the scraper can push the water on the floor, you can also wipe the window glass!

7, the material is green and can be recycled.

Instructions for use:
Filter cleaning, water-washable, reducing subsequent replacement costs. If the main brush is used for a long time, if it is curled, soak it in boiling water of about 80 degrees, the bristles will automatically bounce back. The dust box of the storage sweeper needs 3 to 5 days to manually dump the garbage. Check the vacuum module, check the movement freedom of the cable and each moving part, check whether the side brush is damaged and flat, if it is damaged, it should be replaced and adjusted in time.