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Lazy hand push sweeper

This hand sweeper is not a battery, nor is it plugged in. When the hand is pushed, the two runners at the bottom will turn to push the tiny garbage into the box. The back shell can open the trash, and this is the model. Only sweep tiny trash.

Mainly by pushing the brush to rotate, do not worry about pushing hard, pushing forward almost no resistance, children can push, as long as the ground level can be used, no electricity, no bending! Energy saving and environmental protection! Cleaning does not dust! Save money, save effort, save trouble, worry, no waste, no need to get ground hygiene! It is recommended to check the brushed hair at the brush bearing every half month and clean it to avoid the rotation is not smooth. The sweeper can be directly rinsed with water, dried and used continuously, and the maintenance is more durable.

Every family has a lazy push-type sweeper, which is easy to clean!