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How can I reduce housework? Just a sweeper to solve your troubles

The hand-pushing sweeper is a new generation of sweeping products that combines a broom, a hoe and a trash can. This product does not require electricity, energy saving and environmental protection. The operation is simple and can be rotated 360 degrees. The dust removal range is everywhere in the home. It does not bend over when used. It saves time and effort, and is closed for cleaning. It does not fly dust to reduce dust and dust, reduce the incidence of skin and bronchitis in infants and children, and ensure home. Health and human health. The handle is made of three sections of high-strength aluminum alloy tube, which does not bend over when used, saving time and effort.

This product is made of high-quality materials such as three-roller brush, high-quality piglet, high-quality nylon and so on. It can be used to remove dead corners. Any hardware floor (wood, plastic, marble, etc.) can be used, except for carpets. Cement floors are not very suitable. The ground is too rough.