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The advantage of pushing the sweeper

First, push the sound of the sweeper
Now upgrade to a rubber wheel, so the sound is lighter than any one.
The sweeper is hand-pushed, there is no motor, so there is no noise, just use the middle wheel to scroll the sound, so it won't be very big.

Second, the hand sweeping sweeper mainly sweeps the garbage, can all the garbage be scanned?
The sweeping machine is mainly used for hair, peanuts, melon seeds, cigarette butts, rice grains, etc., and can be cleaned. Not all garbage can be scanned. The garbage is too large to be cleaned. At the same time, it handles fine dust more than the vacuum cleaner. After all, it is not a special vacuum cleaner. The upgraded version handles dust better than the regular version.

3. Will the hand sweeper sweep the floor?
The bottom is a roller and a natural plastic brush. The material is soft and will not scratch the floor. If the floor is dirty, there may be traces of the roller passing through it. It can be wiped clean with a mop, not a scratch on the floor.

Fourth, the advantages of hand sweeping the sweeper
If you don't bend over and use electricity, you can sweep the garbage into the internal garbage bin. Closed cleaning does not fly dust. It is suitable for floors, tiles, marble, etc. The carpet is not available and the uneven floor is not available.

Such a good hand sweeping sweeper is not ready to start, give the family a gift!