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Five precautions for hand sweeper maintenance

The sweeping machine has now entered various occupations, and it is responsible for the sweeping operation, which saves us manpower. Now we have used the sweeping machine, then we should also learn how to maintain the sweeping machine. The correct maintenance can make the sweeping machine have a longer life. Today, Jin and Jieli cleaning equipment Xiaobian will introduce you to the five major precautions after using the hand-pushing sweeper:

1. After the application of the hand-push sweeper, remove the floor brush and clean it to prevent the machine from being pressed for a long time; clean the power cord and hang it on the machine;

2. The built-in garbage cans of the non-powered sweeping machine and the automatic sweeping machine should be cleaned to prevent tampering and constitute secondary pollution.

3, the sweeping machine has a folding function, which greatly reduces the space occupied, and the registration is also relatively simple.

4. Clean the body and chassis (outer and bottom) of the sweeper with a clean dry rag. Place it in a place that is monotonous and ventilated. Do not store the sweeper in a humid place. The wet place will shorten the motor. Lifespan.

5. Unscrew the vacuum filter counterclockwise and rinse it clean with a clean wet cloth or brush. Wait until the filter is monotonous and then put it back into the machine. Never use a water gun to flush against the filter.