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Push the sweeper easily, sweep the floor + mopping the floor, gently push it clean!

Like a neat and clean home

Don't like the process of cleaning

It is really annoying to engage in hygiene!

The floor is full of confetti, dried husks and snack slag.

Take a closer look, there are a lot of hair,

The air is still filled with fine dust.

Every day, back and forth, sweeping and dragging,

Bend a few dozen times to think about back pain

Use a sweeping robot

Smart is too expensive, ordinary is too stupid

Not only power consumption but also frequent strikes

The card is too high, the card will be wrapped around the card.

Also often clean up corner trash

There is no time and effort in this world.

Will not raise dust and germs,

At the same time, it costs no money,

Also able to quickly clean the house,

What is the perfect sweeping tool?

Below this artifact

Give you the answer!

Two-in-one push sweeper

It can sweep any garbage

And automatically "in the pocket"

Will not cause secondary air pollution

And will immediately mop the cleaning path

Sticking away uncleaned dust

The middle roller brush is soft and dense

Anti-winding, easy care

Can handle a variety of dust

Wheel design

Just push it gently and take a walk

Less than a minute of effort

Garbage, hair and dust are all gone

It is like a greedy elf

Quickly swallowing garbage

Large-capacity storage bins can collect large amounts of debris

Compared to traditional brooms

Pushing the floor without bending over

Clean it clean

It’s just too convenient

Whether it is confetti, peel, butt, dust, hair

Get it all wherever you go

Rubber sweeping roller combined with PET broom wire

Focus: Dust can be taken away!

Three-stage telescopic design

Both children and the elderly can find the length that suits them best.

Whoever uses it, it is not tired