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Push-type sweeper, better use without power?

The hand-pushing sweeper does not need electricity to use oil. The power of the product comes from the human hand. The tire rotates to drive the gear to rotate the gear to drive the internal roller of the machine to rotate. The belt drives the brush on both sides to sweep the dust into the gray box.

One: It is easy to use and push to walk, and the garbage can be easily recycled into the dust box.
Two: no mechanical power transmission is required for any power source. No need for batteries, wires, diesel, gasoline and other power sources.
Three: maintenance is simple, the whole body can be washed with water. There is no need to replace parts such as batteries for maintenance.
Four: save labor and labor efficient and clean up and collect at the same time, sweeping efficiency is artificial 4-6 times.
Five: The durable machine is made of engineering plastics. Engage in corrosion, aging resistance, and no deformation.
Six: storage and transportation convenient portable handles for easy handling. Upright storage saves space.
Seven: Loss of the small main brush and the height of both sides can be adjusted. Ensure work efficiency while minimizing losses.
Eight: Applicable scope Dry and wet leaves, stone butts, paper dust, dust, clean streets, communities, parks, courtyards, schools, workshops, warehouses, large-scale event venues, etc., where power-driven cleaning equipment should not be used.