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Advantages of the hand sweeper

In this era of high-tech information, people have a special machine for cleaning and cleaning - a push-type sweeper. Today, we will introduce the characteristics of the hand-push sweeper. Let's take a look.

1. No power source is required. The hand-push sweeper relies on a purely mechanical transmission. As long as it is in motion, it has energy and can work without any power source such as batteries and diesel.

2, the operation is extremely convenient. Pushing the hand sweeper away can complete the cleaning work and automatically sweep the garbage into the dust box.

3. High work efficiency. The hand sweeper can complete the cleaning and collection work at the same time. Its work efficiency is greatly improved, which is more than 6 times that of artificial.

4, maintenance is simple. We all know that the power source is the most water-free, and the hand-push sweeper relies on pure mechanical transmission. It can be used to wash the body with water during maintenance, and it does not take time to maintain the power source.

5. Handling and collection are convenient. The hand-held sweeper is equipped with a carrying handle that is very convenient during daily handling. At the same time, it can be stored upright during collection to save space.

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