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Hand push sweeper works

1. The side brush of the hand-push Sweeper sweeps the garbage from the corners and other hard-to-reach places to the area where the main brush can be cleaned.
2, the main brush (ie, roller brush) and then the garbage, even a larger amount of garbage rolled up and thrown into the garbage storage box.
3. The dust generated by the main brush cleaning can generate strong suction through the pumping system located at the front of the hand sweeper, and then filter the dust through the filter system to prevent the discharged gas from polluting the environment and affecting the health of the operator. .

In the cleaning of household health is still very value-for-money, sweeping the floor does not bend over to bring the closed garbage, reducing people's labor intensity, the material is generally ABS environmentally friendly resin plastic shell. I feel that it is more suitable for the elderly, mainly used for sweeping the floor, and mopping the ground is still unrealistic.