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Is a hand-push sweeper easy to use?


Hand-push sweeper is a purely mechanical drive maintenance-free cleaning tool. It can be cleaned by simply pushing on foot without the need for power cords and batteries and any power source. The most important thing is that prices are in the range of tens to a hundred. For current migrants, the price is very suitable. And not a cheap function is not complete, on the contrary, its price is still quite high, mainly in several functions.

First, the use of new imported raw materials - ABS plastic, so that the body is smooth, strong and durable, while this material can wear anti-oxidation, safe and non-toxic, after cleaning is also very convenient to use, really realized for the family to use Comfortable, more assured use of desire.

Second, it has a charge for up to 50 minutes standby, wireless use for each family to provide a convenient way to use, no electricity, green, as much as possible to reduce the waste of electricity, more convenient for the family to save every point. Saving 0.2 yuan a day in the province, you can save 73 yuan a year, you can buy a sweeping machine.

Third, original 360-degree rotating handle design. Without bending over, kneeling, and squeaking, you can easily cope with all kinds of environmental cleanliness. Even the bottoms of low furniture such as sofas and bed bottoms can be cleaned with a height of about 6cm. The attached drawer-type dust box has a large capacity of 0.5L, which allows us to clean it up once and save us time and effort.