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How to push the sweeper?


The hand-push sweeper is used to clean the yard, paths, halls and storage areas. The sweeper sweep efficiency is 7 times faster than the broom. It is easy to operate, ergonomically designed, and thoroughly cleaned. Even in the corners, there is little dust left. So how about a hand-push sweeper? What is the principle of a hand-push sweeper? Let's take a look together.

Hand-push sweeper is exquisite in design and unique in technology. It adopts no power transmission in the working mode. It can drive the brush to run with the friction of the two wheels of the fuselage. It can easily recycle the rubbish to the rubbish bin brush according to the ground. As well as waste conditions, height adjustments are made at any time to achieve the lowest reactive power loss and the best cleaning effect. The battery sweeper armrest adopts an adjustable activity design that can adapt to the needs of users at different heights. Garbage bins are easy to handle, tightly closed, and can contain corrosive trash such as acids, alkalis, salts, and grease.