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What are the characteristics of hand-push sweeper?


Household hand-push sweepers are maintenance-free cleaning tools for purely mechanical transmissions. They are cleaned and collected at the same time. Work efficiency is very high. It is said that its workload can replace six cleaners. The hand-sweeping sweeper has good performance and is very simple to operate. The daily maintenance and maintenance are also very convenient. The hand-push sweeper in our eyes is a home workman who has long working hours, high cleaning efficiency, and low noise. Is a hand-push sweeper easy to use? Let's look at its features first.


Hand-push sweeper features

1. Easy to use: You can easily recycle the garbage to the dust box by pushing it.

2. Simple maintenance: The whole body can be washed with water.

3. Labor-saving and labor-saving: Clean and collect at the same time, sweeping efficiency is 4-6 times that of labor.

4. Durable: The whole machine is made of engineering plastics. Engage in corrosion, aging, and deformation.

5. Convenient storage and transportation: Handle handles are convenient for handling. Store upright to save space.

6. Low loss: The main brush and double height can be adjusted. Minimize losses while ensuring work efficiency.