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Household hand-push sweeper works

Recently, I bought a hand-push sweeper recently. I can work without electricity, push the hand, sweep the floor and sweep cleanly. The children are very curious about this and always use it to sweep the floor. I think he is Take this as a toy! The child has been asking me: "Why not use electricity, the hand can push it to work?" To be honest, I really don't know how to answer his question. This does not, to collect relevant materials, now share it to everyone.

The design of the hand-push sweeper is exquisite, unique technology, work without power transmission, relying on the effective friction of the fuselage two-wheel drive brush operation, just push the walk can easily recycle garbage to the trash can brush According to the ground and waste conditions, height adjustments are made at any time to achieve the lowest reactive power loss and the best cleaning effect. The battery sweeper armrest adopts an adjustable activity design that can adapt to the needs of users at different heights. Garbage bins are easy to handle, tightly closed, and can contain corrosive trash such as acids, alkalis, salts, and grease.

The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is the same as that of the vacuum cleaner. It mainly includes side brush, main brush, garbage storage box, filter net and other components to complete the cleaning task.

1. The edge brush sweeps the garbage from other places that are difficult to reach, such as corners, from the outside to the inside, and sweeps it into the area where the main brush can be cleaned.
2. The main brush (roll brush) throws garbage, or even larger trash, into the trash storage box.
3. The suction system located at the front can generate strong suction, and then filter the dust through the filter system to prevent the exhausted gas from polluting the environment and affecting the health of the body.