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Is a hand-push sweeper easy to use? Do you know how to use it?

Household hand-push sweeper is easy to use? The household hand-push sweeper is different from the automatic sweeper. The home hand-push sweeper is manual. If you are concerned that the sweeper sweep is not clean, use a home hand-push sweeper is also very good. Do you know how to use it?

Household hand-push sweeper is easy to use
The hand sweeper is a purely mechanical transmission maintenance-free cleaning tool. When you use it, you only need to push the sweeper forward, and you do not need to insert the battery or the power cord and any power source to sweep the floor with the home hand sweeper. Hand sweeping machine can be said to be a small helper in our lives.

Household hand-push sweeper features
1. Material. Household hand-push sweepers use imported ABS plastic materials, so household hand-push sweepers have a very smooth body, strong and durable. And this material also has a good anti-oxidation, anti-wear effect, safe and non-toxic, use rest assured. After the household hand-push sweeper is used, it can be cleaned directly with water, which is very convenient and comfortable to use.
2. Charge. Household hand-push sweepers are also very convenient for charging and have a long standby function. Hand-push sweeper can charge up to fifty minutes of standby. And the wireless operation of household hand-push sweepers is also more convenient and convenient to use. Hand-sweeping the green and environmental protection of the sweeper can reduce the waste of electricity as much as possible and save the family's expenses. When the sweeper is newly used, it should be straightened three times for twelve hours. This is to restart the battery.

3. Use. Hand Sweeper is very convenient to use, using the original 360-degree rotating handle design. It can easily meet the cleanliness of various environments without bending, kneeling or bending, and it can also be used for some low furniture such as bed bottoms, sofas, bed bottoms, and even some furniture bottoms with a height of about 6cm. clean. The hand-picked sweeper comes with a drawer-type dust box with a large capacity of 0.5L, which can clean the hygiene once and save us time and effort. The garbage box of the sweeping machine is a one-button type. It is very convenient to simply hold the key of the dust box and then pull it out to remove the trash box and dump it. However, after using the push sweeper, remember to remove the fan before cleaning and do not allow the fan to enter the water.