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Sweeping trouble! Now there is a product that can solve your troubles. Do you want it?

Maintaining clean and clean public spaces can be considered as one of the basic conditions for improving the quality of life in dormitories. Are the Japanese students bothered with the daily sweeping mission? Then you can't miss the "lazy man" essential artifact of hand-push sweeper.

A variety of hand-push sweepers are available, and prices range from tens to hundreds of blocks. Generally made of engineering plastics. It is designed as a three-in-one combination of a broom, duster, and trash bin. It will be cleaned and collected at the same time. The work efficiency is very high. Not only labor-saving, but also do not have to bend over, you can easily clean to the various quarters in the dormitory. The trash box is a one-button type. It is very convenient to pull out the trash box by holding down the key of the dust box. The working principle of the sweeping machine is to use electrical energy to drive the bottom of the brush, pure mechanical drive cleaning garbage. Its operation is also very simple. Just turn on the power switch and push it. This can really be a "treasure" for students who are rushing to class!