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A gift to the elderly: hand-push sweeper

After staying at home for more than a month, the old man no longer has to bend over to hold a broom and pick up. After cleaning, they still have to mop the floor. Now they have a hand-push sweeper that can be quietly cleaned in the morning.

Hand-push sweepers are a new generation of cleaning products that combine three-body brooms, picks and rubbish. The product does not require electricity, energy saving and environmental protection. Easy to operate and rotate 360 degrees, dust covers the entire house corner. Do not bend over when using, save time and effort. Closed cleaning eliminates flying dust, reduces dust mites, reduces skin and skin irritation and bronchitis in babies and children, and ensures family hygiene and family health.

But each time I recalled that the old man was talking about buying these useless things, he told his neighbor that his son bought an automatic hand-push sweeper yesterday, which is easy to use. As long as do a little thing, parents will remember  easily!

hand-push sweeper